Skilled Migration Australia

Australia recognises the importance of attracting skilled professionals and in line with this, the Australian government ensures that the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) is continuously updated to accurately reflect the needs of the Australian labour market and who should receive work visas.

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program is a unique, points-tested system conducted over 3 stages. To maximise your chances of success, it’s crucial that your application is accurate and complete; and that you remain informed at every stage.

What is General Skilled Migration Visas?

As the name suggests, the GSM program attracts skilled individuals from anywhere in the world.  The three main subclasses are: 

  • The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) 
  • The Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190) 
  • The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491)

Both the Subclass 189 and 190 are applications for permanent residency while the Subclass 491 visa is a 5-year temporary visa, allowing for permanency after a minimum of 3 years. The Skilled Migration Australia Programme does not require a nomination or sponsorship from an Australian employer.

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General Skilled Migration is divided into Three-Part Process

Unlike most visa applications, the General Skilled Migration Australia program is unique in that it’s broken into three components: 

  1. Skills Assessment
  2. Expression of interest (points test)
  3. Submitting your nomination and visa application 

While obtaining 65 points allows you to enter the first stage, your EOI will sit in a pool for up to a period of 2 years, awaiting an invitation to apply from the Australian Government. Fortunately for the applicant, during this period of time, your points are susceptible to change if you’re able to claim additional points across any of the recognised categories. 

Who is eligible for Australia general skilled migration?

The General Skilled Australian Migration program is for people who are not sponsored by an employer (have a job offer from an Australian company). Applicants must be over 18 and under 45 years of age, with good English language ability, recent relevant skilled work experience and qualifications that are equivalent to Australian standard.

You must;

  • be under 45 years of age
  • nominate an occupation on the appropriate skills list
  • meet the relevant English language criteria
  • meet Australia’s health requirement
  • meet the legislated points score

what are the benefits on Australian General Skilled Migration Visas?

  • Pathways to permanent residency in Australia 
  • Good quality health care in Australia
  • Excellent Australian education system
  • Freedom of speech in Australia
  • Security
  • Australian lifestyle and culture

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