Canada Express Entry Immigration

Canada Express Entry is the most popular immigration system offering Canadian permanent residence, introduced by the federal government in January 2015 to replace the old “first come, first served” process.

What is Express Entry and how does it work?

Express Entry has revolutionized the immigration process in Canada, making it faster, more efficient, and transparent. This system allows the Canadian government to select the most suitable candidates for economic immigration, ensuring that skilled individuals are welcomed into the country.

Applicants who meet eligibility criteria submit an online profile known as an Expression of interest (EOI), under one of 3 federal Canada immigration programs or a participating provincial immigration program, to the Express Entry Pool.

Candidates’ profiles are ranked against each other according to a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The highest-ranked candidates will be considered for an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Those receiving an ITA must quickly submit a full application and pay the processing fees, within a delay of 60-days. 

The federal government aims to process complete PR applications in only 6 months.

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Can I apply with my spouse or partner?

If you want to apply for an Express Entry visa with your spouse or common-law partner, you can either list them as an accompanying partner in your application if you are the main applicant or have them list you as an accompanying spouse if they’re the main applicant. Decide who has the better chance of getting a successful PR permit and list them as the main applicant. Or, if you both have strong chances, you can both open an online profile and list each other as accompanying partners. If you haven’t listed a spouse, remember that once you get permanent residency, you can apply for your spouse to join you in Canada as a permanent resident as well through the spousal visa program.

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